There's more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight!

Comfort and Productivity Checklist for Computer Users

If you or your employees spend an hour or more each day using a computer, having the fastest computer and latest hardware is not enough. An up-to-date computer prescription, and correctly balanced eye muscles, are necessary to optimize your comfort and productivity.

Computer User's Comfort and Productivity Checklist


Headache associated with computer use


Irritated eyes

Blurred vision

Slow to refocusing on objects in the distance after prolonged computer
      or desk work

Difficulty seeing clearly at distance after prolonged computer use

Vision goes in and out of focus

Words appear to move on the screen

Frequent loss of place when looking between copy and screen

Double vision at any time

Current prescription fails to relieve symptoms

Frequent visual errors, i.e. inverting letters or numbers, or while proofreading

Neck or shoulder tension, pain

Back pain

Excessive fatigue when using VDT