There's more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight!

Our Services

The services that we offer include:

Comprehensive Vision Exams

Our comprehensive vision exam begins the moment we greet you when we ask “Why are you here today?” Through a combination of questions delving into your vision problem(s), general health history, family health history, occupational and recreational demands, we determine the appropriate testing that will allow us to meet your visual needs. The basic elements of a comprehensive vision examination include:

  • Visual acuity for distance and near targets
  • Measurement of eye alignment for distance and near targets
  • Eye movement evaluation
  • Confrontation visual field
  • Internal and external eye health evaluation
  • Intraocular pressure measurement
  • Distance vision refraction
  • In-depth assessment of distance and near vision function
  • Discussion of our findings and recommendations
  • Determination of you next examination

Vision Exams for Children

Children with unrecognized vision problems or eye health conditions face many barriers in life, including academic, social and athletic obstacles. High quality vision care can break down these barriers and enable your child to reach their greatest potential.

Vision does not just takes years for a child to develop the visual abilities necessary for life. During our examination we assess these abilities and correlate them with your child's specific visual needs.

Eighty percent of all learning takes place through the visual system. Make sure your child has the best possible tools to learn and live successfully.

Vision Exams for Adults

The American Optometric Association recommends a yearly eye exam for adults -- not only to detect and to diagnose vision changes or problems -- but also to maintain eye health. For example, glaucoma, a optic nerve disease often caused by increased pressure in the eye, commonly goes unnoticed by adults. Regular vision examinations are also important for the prevention of vision problems created or aggravated by today's academic and professional demands.

Twenty-first century lifestyles demand more from our vision than ever before. Adults in our technological society constantly use their near vision at work and at home. Environmental stresses on the visual system (including excessive computer use or close work) can sometimes induce headaches and/or visual difficulties which can be effectively treated with corrective lenses and/or vision therapy.

Contact Lenses Exam and Fittings

In addition to providing excellent eye care, we are proud to offer comprehensive contact lens exams and fittings. One of our top priorities is to offer you outstanding vision and comfort for your contact lens needs. In addition to routine contact lens fitting, we also fit specialty contact lenses for patients with unique visual demands or patients with diseased corneas. Our office utilizes disposable soft lenses from Vistacon, CIBA, Bausch and Lomb and Cooper Vision. We offer custom correction in soft lenses designed for high prescriptions, astigmatism and bifocal application. Because of their superior optics, rigid gas permeable lenses are the perfect answer to correcting different aberrations presented by the cornea and visual system. Rigid gas permeable lenses have been proven in numerous research studies to slow the progression of near sightedness in most individuals.

Developmental Vision Exams

The development of our visual systems begins before we are born and continues for the rest of our lives. During the first decade of life children learn to use their eyes to gather information about the world. That is, the eyes become the primary information-gathering sensory motor system of the body. Our developmental vision examination assesses the relationship between the eyes and the rest of our sensory motor mechanisms (auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, vestibular, postural, proprioceptive); also, we test visual recall, visualization, visual-motor integration and eye-body integration. Completing the developmental examination, we perform a comprehensive vision examination, evaluate the findings and present our recommendations during the conference. Most often, developmental vision examinations require two office visits.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an individually programmed, developmentally appropriate sequence of activities and procedures that develops, extends and enhances all of the visual abilities. All activities and procedures incorporate lenses, prisms, filters and/or stereoscopic instruments. Patients spend considerable time integrating vision with the other sensory motor systems with special emphasis on the integration of vision with the proprioceptive, kinesthetic, vestibular and auditory/verbal mechanisms. In vision therapy, patients learn to use their visual systems more efficiently and effectively.

Low Vision Treatment

When standard eyeglasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery cannot provide sharp sight and the impairment interferes with a person's ability to perform everyday activities, an individual is said to have low vision. Thanks to the developments in the field of vision rehabilitation, we can maximize the use of the remaining vision, improving the quality of life. Each type of vision problem requires a unique therapeutic approach. Treatment plans may include prescription of glasses, custom telescopic or microscopic glasses, therapeutic filters, full-spectrum lighting and/or video magnification. Our goal is to maximize visual function for activities of daily living.


The ability to see clearly during the day without glasses or contact lenses at no surgical risk is now a reality. Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, is a treatment for myopia which utilizes specialized rigid gas permeable contact lenses. These ultra gas permeable lenses gently reshape the front of your eye as you sleep. In the morning the lenses are removed and clear vision is restored throughout the day. Most often vision improvements come after the first night of wear and can remain stable all day just after two weeks of night wear. Correct your vision while you sleep with safe therapeutic lenses and enjoy great vision all day without the hassle of glasses and daytime contacts.

Computer Vision Exams

It is estimated the 175 million working Americans suffer from computer eyestrain. Nearly 60 million children connect tot the Internet each day at home or in school. If you or your child spend more than two hours a day in front of a computer screen, you likely experience some symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS). Symptoms of CVS may include headaches, loss of focus, tired/dry eyes, doubled or blurred vision, and neck and shoulder pain. Utilizing a PRIO tester, we are able to accurately determine the specifications of your focusing needs. Prescription computer lenses can alleviate symptoms and problems commonly caused by CVS.

Optical Boutique - Frame and Lens Selections

We offer the latest trends and styling in fashion eyewear from designer names and brands at affordable prices. The most current lenses are available at our office supporting superior assistance to what you require in glasses. These include Trivex lenses for greater safety and low distortion as well as new Hi-Index materials for higher prescriptions. You can trust our experienced opticians for the best guidance on the latest technology in frame and lenses to meet all of your visual needs.